Hear what our Longview residents have to say about life at Longview!

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Elizabeth Blum

"Companionship is so very important at this point of life... staying in our homes as we get older is not always best for us, even if we still love them."


Elsie Jo Trawick

"What interested me in Longview was the close association with Ithaca College... that has been such a boon to the arts here at Longview."

Hermann Moratz

 "Why do we like it? It may be the people."

Anna Moratz

"The people are very nice and very interesting... just as Ithaca is very international, it's that way here."

Eleanor Barnard

"It feels like home... it's a big family here."

Carl Norberg

"I like everything about it... it's just been a very good place to be. ... I know the apartment gets cleaned once a week and gets cleaned very well ... for somebody like me, that's really handy!"

Roger Rada

"Ithaca College and the relationship with Longview here, it's life, that's what it is!"

Ardie Bennett

"One of the good things is the food... especially because I don't have to cook it! I don't have to do dishes, which is really wonderful."

Le Moyne Farrell

"The most wonderful thing at Longview from my point of view is the people who work here... who are very sensitive to the needs of the individual."

Longview, An Ithacare Community

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