Patio Homes

Patio Homes

Longview's Patio Homes are the latest in independent living!

While all 22 units are currently rented, we are accepting applications for our wait list. To secure a place on the Patio Homes wait list, please complete the Reservation Form and one W-9 form for each occupant (available for download in the section to your right) and send to Longview along with check for $1,000 for your wait list deposit made out to Longview.  (The deposit is fully refundable upon notice of your wish to be removed from the list.)

The “Patio Homes” have two bedrooms, two full baths, eat-in kitchen, private garage and storage, patios, and a spacious open floor plan, all located in a quiet, secluded, wooded area on the south end of Longview’s campus with plenty of opportunities for interacting with nature and local wildlife. The 2018 monthly rental rate has been set at $3,232, which includes all utilities. 

At the moment, we are not conducting tours of the patio homes; please call (607) 375-6300 to discuss viewing options.


Interiors photos by Palmer Morse



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