Adult Day program

A social day program for seniors

When the sun does not shine
And it’s too cold to play
Don’t sit in the house
All the cold, cold, wet day!
Join us at Longview, do not delay!
Come try our program called Adult Day!
Word searches, crafts,
Bowling and Bingo!
Tai chi and picnics-
Oh! The places you’ll go!
When you’re left all alone,
with nothing to do,
join the Adult Day Program
here at Longview.

Longview's Adult Day Program involves its participants in many of the activities our resident seniors do each day. Even more important, the program offers the opportunity to socialize with peers who share interests and experiences.  In a safe and secure atmosphere, seniors will find a stimulating social and recreational environment outside of the home.

A typical day at The Adult Day Program begins with everyone gathered around the table enjoying coffee and light conversation. Topics range from fitness to food, hobbies to holidays, drawing on lifelong favorite memories shared and enjoyed by all.

After coffee, everyone limbers up with a half hour or exercise in the auditorium. From then on each day offers varied activities, outlined in the weekly recreation calendar. There are word games, cards, Tai Chi, indoor bowling and horseshoes, baking, crafts, and countless other programs, all designed for the senior population. Everyone has a favorite activity, but one common thread runs through it all:  smiles and fun!

The program runs 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 to 3:00. Participants are free to choose a schedule that fits their individual needs. Some participants come all five days, others one or two. The enrollment fee is $55 a day. Enrollment includes lunch with the Adult Day staff in the Longview dining room.

All the paperwork needed for the Adult Day Program is available to download on this page at the right. You can download it all in one PDF (choose "ADP Forms Packet") or select individual forms as needed.

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